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Talitha McGIrt

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Talitha is a social media manager based in Los Angeles California. Talitha has been working one on one with clients various backgrounds for over 5 years. Talitha is currently the in house social media manager for the largest privately owned Real Estate firm in Beverly Hills. Talitha has a diverse list of clientele. She runs a firm specializing in Real Estate Social Media. She also manages a social media boutique that manages everything from a Beverly Hills clothing stores too Network Contracted Actors.

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90210 Media Manager is a Real Estate Media Management company founded by Talitha McGirt. Talitha is the in house Social Media Manager for the largest privately owned Real Estate firm in Beverly Hills. One of her main roles as Social Media Manager at the firm is to assist agents one on one with the creation of marketing campaigns. With the knowledge she has gained over the years assisting Real Estate professional, she decided to start providing consultations on a more accessible platform. We all know that Real Estate can be difficult, but your social media shouldn’t be! Thus the birth of 90210 Media Manager!

90210 Media Manager

Real Estate Social Media
Beauty of Media is a social media boutique designed for specifically for the high-end needs of Talitha's clients.

Beauty Of Media

Boutique Social Media
Network in Style is a company based around Networking in every aspect. Network in Style was started in 2012 by Talitha McGirt. The purpose of Network in Style was to bring together like minded business professionals in the Los Angeles area. Over the course of time the our vision has expanded past being just an event. We strive become a source of knowledge for the networking community at large. Networking is a key asset to a vast majority of business professionals! Bringing together networking professionals, organizers, and venues to give a detailed personalized spotlight to the events offering everyday professionals an opportunity to mix and mingle with; new clients, business partners, investors, and much more.

Network in Style